Choke Creek is a powerful work, one which is moving emotionally, devastatingly so in places, and filled with fascinating characters.

--Gerald Duff, author of Coasters and Memphis Ribs


Set in the vivid, clear light of the West, Choke Creek tells the story of two families who trace their roots to the Indian Wars.  Fifteen-year-old Evie Glauber is descended from the newspaperman who reported on the famous Battle of Choke Creek, while Eason Swale, the boy she loves, is the great-grandson of a cavalryman who fought in it.  Eason enlists in the Army and goes to Vietnam, but when he comes back a deserter, everything Evie believes in is thrown into question--including the truth about what really happened on the banks of Choke Creek.


Choke Creek is not just the story of Evie's coming of age; Small makes us think about America's coming of age, too. 

--Leslie Goetsch, author of Back Creek.



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Order Choke Creek by Lauren Small.
Order Choke Creek by Lauren Small.

What's New

A Novel Approach to History

Teachers--with Choke Creek you can:

     -----Change the way your students think about history.
     -----Engage them in primary sources.
     -----Show your students why social justice matters.
     -----Bring Native American history alive.
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Conference Presentations

 Thank you to Henrietta Mann, Alden Whiteman, and Byron Strom who joined Lauren for a presentation on Choke Creek and Sand Creek at the annual NCSS conference in honor of the 150th anniversary of Sand Creek. 

Reading, Writing, and Social Change

 A YA Author Collaborates with Secondary English Teachers.  Read more. . .

Virtual Author Visit

 Thanks to Natalie Cook and the students of Greendale HS who invited author Lauren Small to visit their classroom via Skype.  Teachers--want an author to visit your classroom?  Click here.


 Check out the review of Choke Creek at Lindsey's Library.

Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Amy Miller for winning the Randolph St. John Teaching Award at Harrisburg Academy!  And thanks to Amy for including Choke Creek in her U.S. History class.



Choke Creek

Included in  "New Titles to Engage Adolescent Readers"  

in the Colorado Reading Council Journal 

Spring 2009


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